I’m a writer and teacher. I live in New Hampshire’s White Mountains with my husband and children.


In this photo, circa 1980, the only thing I worried about was how I could wear that shirt every day without having my mother wash it. Not so today. When I’m not obsessing over the state of the world, the burning planet, or my children’s futures, I read, write, and try to savor the mess and beauty of living.

I write about parenting, the outdoors, technology, and weird kitchen supplies. You can read my personal work on HuffPost Personal, Engadget, the New York Times Smarter Living NewsletterGrok Nation, and the NOLS Blog. My Kitchn piece on making scrambled eggs with a cocktail shaker made the Washington Post! Check out my Clips.

I also write articles and blog posts for companies, schools, and organizations, like the VLACS Blog, The Governor’s Academy, and Keystone Academic Solutions. Check out my Copywriting.

I publish fiction, too! I have a little short short in the FlashFlood in June 2022. My hermit crab flash, DO NOT REMOVE, is in Matter Press’s Journal of Compressed Creative Arts from December 2020.

I’m also writing a book!

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